Hey everyone. How's it going?! I apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong section. Also, I've looked at quite a few recommendations and just wanted to see if I could get something a little more tailored to my needs. No matter if I know what they are or not.

Little about me. Played the Sax as a kid to young adult. Always enjoyed that. Ended up having to choose sports or music. Just recently coming back to the music. Decided on the guitar this time, obviously. Bought myself a Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst. Wanted something versatile but wanted a Gibson. After some research, big thanks to forums and reviews here, that's what I decided on. Also bought a Vox VT20+ to play through.

I'm trying to find a nicer amp to play through. Kind of want to stay away from modeling and effects built directly into the amp. Was considering an Egnater Tweaker 40 and the 1x12 cab. I want the same versatility that the LP offers in my amp. I can't even say I like to play one specific genre. Punk, funk, rock, you name it. Also considered getting an HD500. What would I play that through? I've also noticed that a lot of heads don't have headphone jacks. What's the science behind that? What if I want to play but not wake the neighborhood?

Finally, I've been practicing lots of the excercises I see around the site. For speed, accuracy, strength, etc.., I have gotten to the point where I can play most of the stuff I get tabs too. Rocksmith is very fun. Learning a lot of songs through that. Help get my fingers used to switching chords and such but other then that don't think I'm learning much. When do I get to the point of just being able to play? What should I direct my practicing toward to accomplish this? I want to just be able to jam with a few others, not play stuff that's been done 100000x before.

Thanks a lot in advance. Have a good one.
Make your own music...join a band or something.
Avatar cabs are great and affordable.
I think most heads don't have headphone jacks because they are mean't for live situations.
tube amps don't have headphone outs because they need a load capable of dissapating the energy output. The load impedence also needs to match the output impedence of the amp. even if this impedence matches, the headphones would explode with the amount of power the amp will try and force through them.
Heads don't have headphone jacks because it is near impossible to safely run say a 40W tube head through headphones (like half a watt). The HD500 you can play through computer speakers, or headphones.

And the next step in learning to play is definitely to join a band. It will make you a way better player
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I figured that had something to do with it. I've never owned a head, but I know if you hook one up and don't have a speaker obviously you won't have sound but chances are you won't have an amp either. Makes sense. How is it that combos are able to do this though? Another dumb question. They must have different circuits then their "head" counterparts.

I already have plans on playing with a few. They just aren't local until next year. So until then, I'd like to improve as much as possible. I guess the better question would be, how do I apply all these scales and chords? Are there exercises that practice this? Is it something that just comes naturally? I heard that a lot when I started out and I didn't believe a lot of the stuff that already has would ever come naturally.

Like I was saying, I already have an excellent drummer and possibly a bassist to play with. Thing is, I just want to make sure there's not anything I should definitely be focusing on now while waiting on them to arrive.