Really nice cover, love the dominating synths on the beginning, but the vocals although alright, seem to need some punch in them on the parts where James hits some moderate high notes. Good job on the cover but those higher notes really add to the emotion of the song.
It's sounding good man. A few points were a bit sloppy. The synth at the start comes in slightly out of time. There's also too much reverb on the guitar chords during the chorus. The bass and snare drum need to be higher in the mix. The vocals are decent, but not great. He sounds bored. Needs to put in some passion man!

The guitar work however, is very good. It's well played and sounds really nice. The guitar around 3:20 is a little bit sloppy, and I don't like how you've mixed it. But again, a genuinely very nice sound.

It's a very good song, and you've almost done it justice. Just get your mate to work on his singing, and work on balance within a mix.