well... here i am
playing the guitar for something like 6 years now, in one band and in different jam projects, i love and give my best to live music....
i know and use this site for a long time, its cool that it exists and grows just because of the contributions of its users. im not the guy that sits down for hours tabbing a song, but i plan to fix some tabs with mistakes and re-upload them with a hint to the original author.

apart from that im gonna spend a little bit of time in the forums, hoping to get some useful information as well as giving some.

peace, folks
welcome. You may want to check the rules on reposting tabs though. I'm not sure but I think it says you can't repost someone elses tab.
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Don't bother, 90% of the time, additions and edits of existing tabs will be refused or deleted. Oh and don't spend more time than you need to in the forums... too much time in the forums has been known to slowly kill from the inside.
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okayyy thats sounds pretty damn stupid to me, delete the correction to make the "original" tabber keep his face but ok, im not the guy who is desperately begging anybody to accept my help... but thanks for some good advice
You can post corrections in the 'comments' section of the tabs. The user who uploaded the tab should get an email, and can then edit them into his/her tab if they see fit. Even if they're not edited in, it'll stay in the comments section where people can still see it.

We can't have different versions of the same tabs uploaded all the time, or else there'd be certain songs with hundreds of different versions, all much the same. Unless of course people went through them to check newer versions against the originals. That wouldn't work though for a plethora of reasons.
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