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We are Fiftieth Parallel, a progressive acoustic duo from Vancouver Island. We recently recorded our debut album entitled "Weapon of the Future." To help promote the album we have posted 2 songs (links below) onto our youtube page. The album has 13 original tracks on it, many of which were written while busking or at the beach. We had a lot of fun recording and we can't wait to finish enough tracks for our second!

For more information email us at: Fiftiethparallel@gmail.com

Song 1: Red & Blue

This is track 7 on our debut album entitled "Weapon of the Future". We decided to post a studio version onto our youtube channel to promote the album. This is one of 13 tracks on the CD, and it is the longest & slowest song. We wrote it in December of 2010 and released it on December 10th of 2011. The track is heavily inspired by Pink Floyd.

Red & Blue

Song 2: Engine

This is track 9 on our debut album entitled "Weapon of the Future." We decided to post 2 songs onto our youtube page to promote the album. It was initially inspired by Michael hedges song "Ignition."


Here is a short Bio of what we have been doing over the past few months:


2011 has proved to be a successful year for progressive acoustic duo Fiftieth Parallel. After a busy summer opening for the likes of Shane Philip and Delhi 2 Dublin, and performances at The Big Time Out and Rhythm On The Rock – to name but a few – they began work on their 13-track debut album, consisting of all-original instrumental acoustic music.

Strongly influenced by the likes of Australian acoustic guitarists John Butler and Kim Churchill, Fiftieth Parallel’s first full-length release combines the likes of Butler and Churchill with the hypnotic sounds of Pink Floyd and Tool: “It was a long process, but in the end it turned out much better than we expected it to,” says Fiftieth Parallel.

The duo consists of Phil Marchand on acoustic guitar and Jonathan Hinds on acoustic guitar and djembe. The pair met during Sound Advice’s ‘School Of Rock’ back in 2009. After the demise of the group they formed – playing the likes of Metallica and Judas Priest – Marchand and Hinds formed Fiftieth Parallel, named after Campbell River’s location on the 50th Parallel.

Fiftieth Parallel released their debut full-length album in December 10th and is now on sale at MusicPlant in Campbell River and will soon be on sale in Courtenay.

For more information and videos visit:

Hope you enjoyed!
The fact that you guys opened for Delhi 2 Dublin is rad.
Also I listened to both songs which were both super rad...
BUT 'INTO THE WIND' made me want to cream.
Thank you Matt! Delhi puts on one hell of a live show, was super fun getting that night started! Glad you liked the 2 songs we posted from the album...keep in mind they are both of our older material. Into the Wind is one of our newer songs. We got a really really good take of it on the album and we plan on posting a newer up to date live video onto youtube soon, so if you're interested watch that space.

Thanks for the comment