Is the Esp Eclipse ii the same shaper (size) as the gibson les paul? I know its much thinner but what about the actual shape? Same Size? I just dont like the smaller guitars as I am a bigger guy.
My second question is the ESP Eclipse i CTM FT.... HOW DO I GET ONE????? Im told these are only made in Japan and not sold in america. SO how might I get one?
To the first part, no. My eclipse is considerably thinner and lighter than the les paul I used to have and the cut away is also lower, more shallow, and sharper. The neck is also thinner and doesn't give you that handful that a les paul does. Pretty much if you like the size, weight and feel of a les paul the eclipse is going to feel great but it's not going to feel like a les paul.
To the second, import. It's expensive, I personally don't think it's worth it unless you're getting a model that can't be gotten any other way like a Horizon III but if you look around the bay you'll find sellers that do just that with subsidiaries of ESP like Grassroots and Edwards.
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i have owned a few LTD EC 400, 401, 1000, but not the eclipse. i own two gibson les pauls, and they are my main guitars at the moment.

if you are thinking about the guitars are similar, (which i am not sure what guitars you have played/play/own), but my Les Pauls feel NOTHING like any EC or Eclipse.

i am not saying one is better than the other, i am just saying they are totally diffferent.

they have very different neck profiles (gibson's 50's necks are thick as all hell), they sit on your lap differently, balance differently, fret differently and are just two totally different guitars, other than the fact that they are the same shape.
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He's also talking about the eclipse ft. So it will be the full thickness of a les Paul. I don't know if that would bring you any closer to it feeling like a les Paul if that's what you are going after.
I'd almost bet after you get through all the import hoops you will be jumping through it might roughly the same price as buying a custom shop and having them do all your specs you want just for you.
I own the eclipse 2 vb. I do love it. But it's not like Amy of my les Paul's I've owned in the past. Two very different guitars.