FS: EBMM Music Man JPXI 7 BFR with Bareknuckle Aftermath and Painkiller (EUROPE ONLY)

I'd really really want to keep this guitar, but I've got way too many expenses right now and this needs to go. The guitar is perfect, MINT condition, plays awesome, professionally set up by my tech. Neck is to die for, and the piezo...it breaks my heart but I have to.

Modifications: upgraded with Bareknuckle Aftermath in the bridge and Bareknuckle Painkiller in the neck. Didn't like the original pickups, now it sounds clearer, punchier, aggressive but at the same time "juicy" and versatile.

Accessories: original EBMM BFR hardshell case with all shits and giggles included.

Location: I live in Udine, Italy.

Contact Info: please email me at francesco.filigoi AT gmail.com

References Required: Lots of selling and trading on here and many other forums. On ebay I'm user rompiballe87 with 100% positive feedback.

Price: it costs more than 3000€ new, plus now it has way better pickups. I'm letting it go for 2699€ OBO.



Pictures (made before the pickup swap):