Hey guys!

So, I began writing this song a little while back. It's dedicated to my mother who was killed in a car accident in January. I was aiming for a somber, yet hopeful feel.

It began as simply an acoustic guitar. I then added some piano and a little bass for ambiance. I added another acoustic guitar to give the opening and final chorus a little extra kick. I'm thinking about perhaps adding vocals.

I've been working on and tweeking this thing periodically over the last 8 months, and I think I've finally come to a point that I feel like it's finished.

I will admit beforehand that the instruments are completely synthetic. I don't have the required equipment for recording anything, so I used MIDI sounds. Regardless, I think it sounds alright.

I'd specifically like to get your opinion on the ending (i.e. the addition of the extra acoustic) as well as the entire thing.

As always, leave a link for you C4C.

The song is listed as "A Letter From Heaven"

LINK: A Letter From Heaven
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i like it mate, think its nice and easy to listen to, try out some lyrics on it and you got a hit right there sorry for your loss
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I don't know if you'd want drums in this, but some strategically placed drums might make the "guitar" sound more natural (sometimes it sounds amazingly real & other times rather unnatural). The piano part & especially the bass part sounds fine. A pleasant song (it's heartfelt). Carry on! Please review my music at this link:

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