Hey, so i need a way to record an original song i'm writing. it's going to be shown to my english class, so basically, i need a good balance of budget and quality.

i've been looking at digital recorders, tascam etc., is that even what i should be looking at?

can anyone recommend me anything?
Depends what you mean by a 'budget' recorder.

If you can afford it, getting a multitracker is a much easier way to get started, and if you're only planning on recording for your own purposes a relatively decent one will have more than enough capability for you. Zoom, Tascam and Fostex are the main brands to watch out for.

If you're wanting to get seriously into recording, an interface/PC/software combination is the best way. It can be cheaper to get started this way as there are free software packages out there so the only think you actually buy is the interface, but there is a much steeper learning curve and it will take far more time away from your guitar playing.

Software has the advantage that if you aren't happy with the sound you're getting, you can download plugins which provide a variety of effects, whereas if you use a multitracker as your DAW you only have the ones that are included however they are more than enough for most home recording projects. I've been using a multitracker for years, each time I've upgraded my kit I've considered switching to software and decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
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