Just wanna know how you guys practice it


( the number are the finger of course )

if you look at the second shape ( .. the one starting with 2-4 ) .. do you start it that way with the middle finger or you start with the index and move the index to the 7th fret A string ??

some video i found start it with finger .. but this one say to use second finger ( middle to start ) to start and same at the higher string .

if you look at the other shapes too .. it say to start with the middle finger for most of the shapes ( except the first one that usually start at 5th fret on the fretboard ) .

just wanna know if both are ok or if theres a "right" way to practice it . i start with the index for each of the shape . right or wrong ?
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Try any way, there is no right way honestly, what ever you are comfortable with. Try it with every finger just for the finger indepdence training! Everything you practice clean and slowly will add to your techinque.

But if you are looking for the most efficent way, break it down yourself, it'll only help you in the end!

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ok thx ..

ill practice both for finger training im already wuite fast but ill go slower starting with the middle finger .

thank you .
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I hate these threads about the boxed shapes.

Learning and practicing those shapes will get you nowhere. Instead, learn the scale as a series of notes and intervals and learn the notes of the fretboard. For instance, the A minor pentatonic scale consists of the notes A C D E G. You can play that scale anywhere on the neck that you find those notes.

If you just learn the shapes and practice those, you will get good at playing them, but running through a pentatonic scales gets really old really fast. Most people who just use those shapes end up getting stuck on them and have a hard time moving around the neck. Get some basic theory into you, and mess around with the pentatonic scales over some backing tracks.
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