I have a choice to throw some new pups in my strat, or grab a new one...

my budget is around 350, and im trying to pull some frusciante/srv/hendrix tones out of my 20th anniversary squier. i could throw some new singles coils into it (texas hot, custom 69, duncans of some kind) or pick up a new axe. I definitely want to stick with strats and i was thinking that i could use a change up from my current guitar because its getting kind of old and i would like something new to work with. i was thinking that the squier classic vibes 60's sounds like my kind of thing, but i wouldnt mind some input from some knowledgeable people who have played or own that guitar and some pickup recommendations. any input is appreciated!
If your looking for a new and better guitar i would suggest saving up a bit more and getting a Fender strat.
i think if your only gonna spend that much you should get some new pickups.
Mothers Milk BKPs are fantastic! and would improve the sound a bunch and be just what your after.
IMO go to a shop, play the CV and maybe a few used MIMs. If you like the way they play considerably more go for a new axe otherwise go the upgrade route. Maybe a nice fresh setup will liven up your current guitar
MIM's run below your budget 24/7/365 around here, go for one.
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I have one of the 20th Ann. Strats and I upgraded the pickups in it and can honestly say it's worth it. It out did my MIM strat which I ended up selling. For a cheaper alternative it's certainly a good one.

The CV's are great as well. I have the 50's tele and am really stoked on it, check them out first before you make a decision.
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Haven't tried those amps but they seem to be disliked. Better than a cheap starter kit ss though
TS what do you think of the amp? Can't try one.
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its great for what i play. definitely no complaints and sounds amazing when you crank it, worth the money.
i found a mim strat for 350? should i pounce? where else could i look besides craigslist (i live in st louis) for a strat?