Hey everybody!

We are new to recording we've got 3 musicians in our punk group. We rehearse in an old bedroom and need tips on equipment and how to record our music. Thanks for any help. We are starting with nothing so any input is great!
I also prefer to record through mics in front of the amp... Just need a full scenario of the best quality at the most descent price... We don't have a huge budget
Is anyone in the band an audio engineer, or at least interested in learning recording as a hobby/career?

If not, go to a pro studio.

It takes a long time to get good at engineering and production, so if you're just starting it'll be at least a year before you can get a half decent sounding demo. You'll also need to spend a modest wad of cash on the gear, especially since you're recording drums.

At the bare minimum, you guys are gong to need:

- An interface with 8+ simultaneous inputs ($300ish)
- 1 dynamic mic like the SM57 ($60+)
- A large diaphragm condenser mic ($130+)
- A kick drum mic ($60+)
- A pair of drum overheads; 2 small diaphragm condensers or another large diaphragm ($130+)
- DAW software and plugins

I'd be looking at a realistic budget of $600, however you'd need much less gear if you weren't doing drums.

One alternative would be to record a load of drum tracks at a studio, then do the vocals and guitars at home. You'd only need maybe $200 worth of gear this way.
And then, if you want to make something that would be approaching "radio quality" or whatever, you'll realistically up that budget to $2000 at the very least.

Then consider that it will take you a few years to get good at your new "studio" instrument. You didn't play guitar for six weeks and expect to get up on stage, now did you? Takes time!

So, you could spend two grand and five years (both minimums, probably) getting something radio-ready, or you could check into a project studio for $200 or so per day for two days and record a kick-ass demo that WILL be radio-ready or pretty close to it, and have it by Monday.

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