Looking to get my first decent quality guitar. Looking for something with some punky/hard rock bite with a decent clean. Initially was looking at the Tom Delonge es333 for the dirty fingers pick ups, but from what I've heard it seems like it lacks a decent clean. So I've looked at getting an epiphone dot, replacing the stock bridge pick up with a dirty fingers and leaving the other stock in the neck for versatility. What do you guys think? I'm a bit concerned that the dirty fingers/ stock neck pick up could be a bad combo and drag the guitars sound quality down. Also for added info will be played through a valve king 212.
It depends whether you prefer a bridge pickup sound or a neck pickup sound for your cleans. Although it would seem that in both of your options you would have a dirty fingers in the bridge position, so either way you won't get the bridge/clean sound you want. I'd say you might as well get the dot, as that way you have the option of replacing the bridge pickup, and you get the neck pickup also. If you want good cleans with the bridge pickup though, it looks like you will have to skip the dirty fingers (Although I actually don't have a problem with its cleans).
Dirty fingers, especially in the bridge, don't have much of a clean tone. I think your solution is a good one. The Epi Dot is a decent guitar and will give you a lot more tonal range. I don't think the stock neck pickup will clash with a dirty fingers at all. I think they're about the same output.
Don't get signature models. They're usually overpriced, and its more like your playing someone elses guitar, not your own. Plus, that guitar only has a bridge pickup, which trust me won't be enough. If you do want something similar though, get the dot and replace the pickups like you said. Though do check out solid body guitars, I personally don't like hollow bodies very much, especially for an overdriven tone. Also, keep in mind that most of your tone comes from the amp, the pickups are secondary.
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