Hai guise!

Now that I have your attention, lou read.

I am taking delivery of my 100 Watt Peavy Vyper tomorrow, yay, and I have been told the store was out of stock on Sanpera footswitches, but they could order them in and were offering them for $199 and $400 sumthing for the Sanpera and Sanpera II respectively. (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, IM IN AUSTRALIA PEOPLE!)

Are these worth it?
I reckon it would be nice to be able to tap my foot and change tones while gigging alright, I play Extreme Metal with some Metalcore influences and abit of Power Metal style stuff and clean tones with abit of delay along with my distorted tone would be able to create a nice contrast.

Where could I buy these cheaper from?
And what do I expect from the Vypers in general.
They sounded nice in the shop when I tried it out, the only thing I'll have problems with is the stupid interface with its flashy knobs and BS, HOW DO I TURN THE REVERB DOWN?

Kay thanks bai.
Whether or not they are worth it is up to you really. Depends on what you need. It doesn't sound like you have a need to change amp banks or effects mid song or even at all. Obviously the II has more capability. As far as how to dial the reverb down you just need to read the user manual - it is not that hard once you get the hang of how to turn the effects on and off.

Look for the User Manual and Sampera descriptions in here:

Also ask in here if you still have questions:

I have a Vypyr 60. You should have got the 60 or 120