As the title says, I'm not a band per se, but I've been composing for a few years now, though I only recently began formal training. The rest of that time has been learning entirely on my own, using music I liked as guides and studying them. I'm interested primarily in composing for games and films, and those areas are where my primary influences lie.

The instrument samples in these sound fine, but they're obviously not perfect substitutes for real players. They're haven't been any updates recently, but some more stuff with go up soon. When I get recording gear I'll also try to put guitar stuff up as well, but for now it's just compositional stuff.

Any input/support/interest or anything is always appreciated.

A minute into Ethereal and I'm sub'd, this is absolutely wonderful.

Of course, after seeing how awesome you are in MT it's hard to have thought you'd have someone farting into a mic or breaking benjamin covers or something
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Thanks, glad to hear you enjoy it. I wasn't exactly sure how that one was going to be received since it was more of a rough draft that I threw together in like an hour and forgot to come back and edit.

Once I put some guitar stuff up I'll throw in Breaking Benjamin covers for you, thank me later.