I need a quick, and relativley inexpesive way to decrease the time spent turning the tone/volume knobs on a strat...right now, my strat has the regular strat knobs...

And I like the grip knobs, but don't want to buy a set, as they won't match on my strat...

Anyway to decrease the resistance/friction that is needed to turn the knobs? I need it like a Lp, where you can turn it with the flick of a finger..
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Buy speed knobs.... they are great for fast movement on you guitar. The kind found on guitars like PRS, Gibson
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It's nothing to do with the knobs, it's the pot itself - they may have a washer you can remove or a nut that you can loosen that will make the shaft rotate easier.
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It's all in the technique. It involves a quick hand slide from left to right using your palm to turn the knob in less than half of a second, and being precise enough to get your hand back to the bridge to continue playing. It takes practice.