Quote by aroyy
thats a song me and my friends recorded?
its not bad (at least id like to think it isnt) but it isnt good
what can i do to improve my sound quality?
not the playing but the actual way that the sounds mesh together.

The technique of any musician is going to matter... trust me. Home studio magic can only do so much...

Overall, the drums were annoying to listen to. They were all I could hear (more specifically, the *ch* *ch* *ch* *ch* of the cymbals was all I heard.) Crank the guitars up, add some mid to them (you sound like every metal band out there, scooping the mids out.) Add more bass. And of course play a little cleaner. I also "heard" some lead guitar so make sure you move that to the front of the mix if you want it to be heard.
I agree with the guy above, the *ch *ch was very annoying, some really cool riffs though try make the guitar louder in the mix.