Hey all,
Times are rough and not only do I not have the time to play this sweet guitar, but I'm about to not have a roof to keep it under. So, its time for my beloved Proton Strat to go.

If you're looking at this, you probably know what a Protone is but if not, Google it. Certainly not your average Squier in the least.

Transparent blue finish has aged to a nice transparent teal color. Blue with traces of green coming through. The gold hardware has some rubbing off of the color in places but nearly every Protone I've seen has this, it comes with age.

The guitars in great shape. No major scratches, dents, or dings. Theres one small ding on the headstock and very minor buckle rash but other than that its in really great shape being over a decade old.

The hum buckers were replaced by my brother. They're Seymour Duncans and I'm not sure of the model but I think they're either Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates or another model close to it. The are hum bucking pickups made to fit into a single coil shell. They should absolutely amazing on this guitar and I paid over $200 on them alone but don't expect to recoup any of those costs. I don't know where the original pups went so those will not be included :/

If you're at all interested, PLEASE EMAIL (NOT PM) ME at goodluckatthegunfight at gmail dot com so I can talk to you and try and work out a deal. I am charging a flat domestic rate of $25 for shipping - I will cover any excess.

I would like to get $500 + $25s&h since I see all sorts of these things sell for this price without any of the upgrades but I am willing to take offers.

I need the money quick, so if anyone emails and offers $500 within the next two days, I will sell it outright for $500 and pay for the shipping myself.

Hit me up! She's gotta go!