"90s TV music"

"The Floater"

Actually, make it 3:

All of these are one minute (or less) long and are not meant to be proper songs. I was aiming for background music for some sort of short television segments. So review them as such if you want :P The mix is pretty poor on "the floater" but it was a quick late nighter so...

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The three tracks definitely give what you were going for. Thought on Y.U.NO.LONGER it might works better without the drums ? and it should totally ne a bit longer. :P
i found the mix okay on The Floater. (i don't have any headphones around to really hear, but my speakers are quite good)

The Floater and 90s TV music could also go really well on the radio.

All in all not much to crit, you pretty nailed it imo.

c4c ?