Hey, im building a guitar and I need help selecting pickups for my guitar, im looking for pickups good for heavy rock and for playing stuff like Van Halen and Motley Crue. Thanks for your help.
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If you want a cheaper alternative look at GFS pickups. A lot of them can compete with Seymour Duncan. They have Humbuckers, Single Coil, P90s, and etc. You can also coil tap the Humbuckers they sell!

Good luck on the build!

P.S. Before a Seymour Duncan fan boy flames me, look at the comparision, GFS just have abit of a warmer tone and some of the lows are not as pronounced but it's not extremely notice-able. And here's food for thought too, what says that some artists don't use cheaper pickups, How hard is it to put a magnet into a plastic cuffing and then warp wire around it But if you want the brand name go Seymour Duncan, depends on your budget and how open you are to new things.
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