This is the first song we've wrote so we need a little bit of help, give us your comments on how it sounds. Just don't be a dick about it, if there's something obvious that we need to improve on then let me know
We're called Angles and we're from the North East of England.

Might not be the best of quality but what can you do.

I'm from the North East of England too, from Newcastle, and I cannot understand most of what the singer is saying but that could be more to do with the mixing of the track as the vocals seem very low than the accent. All in all this isn't my kind of music but sounds well put together and flows nicely
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Thanks for the reply! It's the first time we've ever mixed anything like that so we're a bit useless at it to be honest and the microphone we were using wasn't the best quality. I'll keep that in mind for the next time!
I feel like as far as the actually songwriting goes it is well done. The mixing just isn't so hot, and it sounds like some of the tracks aren't on time all the time. But I really think that with better equipment this could be a completely solid track. Also try to keep consistent vocal volumes (whether that be fixed in editing, or recording doesn't matter a whole lot). I know I brought up a lot of things, but it really is well written as I said before.

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