We are The Sophisticators. We dress posh on stage in suits and dresses, but we play rock. We have an age range of 15-17 and currently have one guitarist (me), a singer, and a bassist who wont have a bass until Christmas, but he used to play guitar (If he doesn't get the bass for Christmas, I may come back here). We will possibly have a drummer in he future but we don't know if he can do it yet.

I am mainly a classic rock fan, but I am explorative and open to other music (.g. I have recently gotten into musicals). Altogether our music varies between classic rock and modern rock. I have attached various GP5 drafts and included a link to an RSE GP5 draft on youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ8I4e04sr4 (The tapping bit will probably be removed)

We need a piano/keyboard player and a second guitarist.
Rhythm of our Hearts.gp5
Inpsired by You.gp5
Blue Jam V2.gp5
Bad Girls Aren't Any Good.gp5
Musical Theatre! *jazz hands*

...what am I doing on this site...
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Would as i am from Cirencester but I'm way too busy. Sorry

That's fine.

I've got a possible second guitarist. I've asked him to think about it over the holiday and he said he will. But it's not a yes. I also asked the same to a guy in my music tech class for the keyboard position. So both places are maybes right now
Musical Theatre! *jazz hands*

...what am I doing on this site...