Hey guys, ive been playing guitar for about 2.5 years. I have a Cort G110 and im getting sick of it. its not comfortable anymore in anyway and i feel the strings are too close to the pickups, I play mostly Metal and Hard rock and i need a new guitar. Can any of you guys recomend me a guitar in the $400-$800 range, I live in australia.
What amp are you using? Sounds like a setup would solve most of the problems with the guitar
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Its just 20watt Zephur, it has basic controls: Gain, treble, middle and Bass.
I have played the guitar through a 100watt marshall and it still doesnt sound very good at all. I will get a new amp but its just the guitar thats bothering me :/
Schecter guitars are the best you could get for that. C-1, C-6, Omen or Damien range.
Or you could look for an LTD (ESP) low range model.
Ibanez are worth taking a look at, especially the RG series, even the cheap end of the spectrum sound DAMN GOOD
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Are epiphones worth taking a look at?

Yes they are...

I wouldn't buy one online.. go to a shop and play a few of them... I own a couple... very happy with them...
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Living in Australia is a problem. Guitars are a lot more expensive over there.

It doesn't matter which brand you go for really just as long as you like how it sounds and feels.
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If you are interested in Epiphone, perhaps you may want to check this out

I love this series for both sound and look as well as performance


Epiphone has always been decent, but I think they have really stepped up their game the past few years. Those prophecy guitars are pretty sweet, and the nighthawk reissues are awesome guitars, especially for the money.
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the prs se line is definetly worth a look at particallary the new tereo!
Alot of my mates have Ibanez guitars and they say they are brilliant. living in Aus is annoying coz there are no big guitar company outlets like Gibson and that... :/ I am looking to find a epiphone ex explorer to have a play on to see if i like it because ive read lots of good reviews about it and it looks like james hetfields ESP ha