I have seen the Faith FVL Venus guitar and it is available for £500. I have read up on some threads on this forum and Faith seem to be popular amongst the UK members. I will admit though i don't know alot about them.

I would need to travel a little bit to try this guitar so i would like to get some opinions first before i think about going to try it.

I don't know too much specifically, but from what I've seen here, they look like solid guitars. I've heard nothing but good stories about them.
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I forgot to include that i am a lefty so sadly their isn't alot out there for me to try. I have just been emailing guitar shops and below is what is currently in stock:

Tanglewood TW28 - £220
Tanglewood TRD LH - TRD - £319
Yamaha FG720 - £260
Faith FVL Venus - £499
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