im looking for a new amp, but at a low price range, i dont really wanna go over £100 ive been looking at a few vox models but ive heard bad things about them, can anyone help me out?
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Youre gonna stuggle for a hundred quid!

Peavey Vyper 15 or Fender Mustang i, off the top of my head?

yeh i was lookin at a fender frontman aswell ive just been using this peice of poo gear 4 music thing for 3 years for practiceing and its starting to anoy me :L
Christmas is around the corner. Cant you save any money you get for christmas and wait to get something a bit better.

Cos what will end up happening is you'll get a new amp for £100 and really like it at first then after about 12 months or so you'll be looking to upgrade again.

Buy nice or buy twice!
don't do the frontman. My daughter has the 15g and it does make sound and has a 1/2 a$$ clean, but the distortion sucks very bad.

The Vypyr or Mustang sould be good for you.
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