Hi all, about 20 years ago my grandad brought home a classical guitar from Spain. It's now in my possession and I use it often it is a beautiful sounding guitar.
I would like to know if anyone has any information on them? I know there was a famous guitar player andres Segovia and I also know Segovia guitars can be made in Japan or china, but mines different the label in the sound hole is in English and says guitarras. Segovia. Made in Spain. The label is round and black with gold writing.
I would also like to know if it possibly has any value, only for the sake of how well I should treat it as the guitar is priceless to me but should I be scared of scratching it or let it have character! It has 18 frets a wide neck nylon strings and is a light reddish brown with a light golden brown trim.
Any info or leads welcome