If you watch that video.. at about 2:08 Ben starts talking about something they use instead of mic-ing up the amps. They plug something into the output.

Does anyone know what this is? I can't tell exactly what he's saying but I'd really like to know. I've seen BSC a few times and their live sound is great.
He said D.I, meaning a D.I box I imagine. It's basically a preamp that converts the signal into a form that the PA can use. I've used one in the studio for recording bass without an amp before and it sounds great in that context
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it's a kind of direct box works great if you don't want to mic your amp one less mic one less mic stand one less mic cable....
ahhh! Palmer! That's the bit I couldn't understand.

It sounds clear as anything now that you've said it. Thanks for the help
Palmer's PDI-03 Speaker Simulator is legendary.

They make a noticeable difference in sound quality if you are using a direct box.
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