New song survive, my friend made the drum and accordion backing track. Guitars and vocals are mine did my best with the mix.


Nice to hear some hip-hop-esque material surface on this forum.
Pretty legit I'd say, the only thing is I'd try to get a little more emotion in the vocals, but other than that is was well done. The fact that there was an accordion makes it that much more awesome
Thanks for the review! "Survive": a few of the vocals are somewhat pitchy, though I like most of the vocals. I'm not wild about most rap, though I think you have a good/interesting combination of rap, guitar, and perhaps accordion sounds (I like all the instrumentals, even if the song ends a bit abruptly). Not something you hear everyday. Keep surviving man!
The mix sounds good to me.

Is it a full song or will it be expanded later ? because it ends rather abruptly. I could see a nice instrumental part following what you already have followed by a repeat of the verse, with maybe some more instruments playing behind to make it stand out a bit more from the two previous ones. (and maybe a more fleshed out intro instead of just a bit, but it also works like it is)

I liked it.

check my thread when you have some time.
Thanks guys really needed some positive feedback today as woke up feeling a bit disparaged about the ol music.

I hope to expand this song later but I want to re record like all the guitars. They were recorded a few weeks ago and I just went through the multi track, found the best arpeggio part of guitar and looped it pretty much, and cut out all the mistakes I made on the lead and doubled it up a little to fill the missing space.

The vocals I can do a bit higher and I want to make the chorus more singy. That would be perfect time for an instrumental section and maybe through in some proper singing there as well.

I think I know what i want to write for the final verse need something to cap of the story.

Definitely will add a proper intro too.

Uver I'll give you c4c in a few hours got the misses here at the moment!

Thanks guys