Imagine an inner debate amongst one's "light" and "dark" side...

You want one thing, then another
Why is it so hard to choose
You're content for mere moments
The things you take for granted are ignored or abused

Is it a crime to desire, I refuse to settle
To do so is to become the essence of failure
We are all here for not even a blink of god's eye
Redemption or damnation, is the purpose of every man

How many shades of gray exist in your world
All of your answers are never simple
Either you are with or against
Why so indecisive, and why the quick temper

Naivete shall be the downfall of humanity
Everything has a 4th dimension which we cannot fathom
Enemies can be more trustworthy than allies
Nothing is promised to us but a beginning and an end
There is no such thing as unnecessary force...as a matter of fact im using the force to type this signature
What is this written about? I think I could help you out if I knew the context...