I bought a 2nd hand Ibanez a couple of weeks ago and I'm starting to notice Intonation problems.

When I play an open string, tune it then play the 12th fret they are in tune fine but when I play the 1st fret it is really out of tune, and so are all the others . It's the same on all ther strings.

Can anyone help me with this?
How hard do you push the strings down? A lot of people who are new to the super jumbo frets Ibanez guitars have will apply a lot of pressure, causing the guitar to go sharp.
Also check it by Playing an open string in tune, then play the 12th fret. They should both be in tune. If not that you need to get a set up at a guitar shop or do it yourself. If you want to try it yourself try projectguitar.com for a complete guide on how to set up intonation.

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tune the guitar, play the note open and compare with the 12th fret. If the note at the 12th is flat, move your saddle towards the shoulders, if it is sharp, move the saddle back towards the bout. Repeat until the notes are near perfect.

remember, you must retune the open string every time you move the saddle until the notes match. You probably just adjusted the saddle to match the note and forgot to retune the string to pitch. Changing the saddle position will throw the string out of tune.
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Guys he said he checked the 12th fret and it was in tune, all the other frets aren't.

Like one guys said most Ibanez guitars have really big frets so you might be pressing down too hard. If that's not the case, you might want to have someone check it out.
Did you use a good tuner to check it, or by ear? because it can not be in tune open and at the 12th, but not on any other frets, unless the fret board is messed up some how.
Is this the original/right size neck for the guitar?
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Thanks for all the replies guys. Turns out the problem was the strings . I changed them to my regular Ernie Ball 10's and now it's in tune fine.