I bought a FL1AC 8 months ago and the bridge came unglued from the body recently. I paid $1450 for the guitar and I was pretty ticked off. Cole Clark told me to ship the guitar to their repair center in Batavia, NY for repairs as it is still under warranty. It cost me $70.43 to ship the guitar today. Now I'm-flat out furious. I emailed Cole Clark North America today to see if they would reimburse me for the shipping cost and will wait to see what they say. I've owned $1000+ Taylor, Martin, Breedlove, and Takamine acoustic guitars and have not seen this level of flawed craftsmanship. Safe to say, we all expect a little more from guitars over the $1000 mark. Any Cole Clark owners with similar issues?
I've heard nothing but good things about CC's
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As far as I know, Cole Clark only produces their guitars in Australia. It could very well be an issue that the glue was being weakened due to the changes in humidity and temperature and not the production itself. Possibly during shipping or even due to the acclimatization process.
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Just got a reply email from the Richard Wellenreiter, who heads up Cole Clark distributions for North America. Says he'll take my pleadings to the head office in Australia to see if they will reimburse me for shipping charges. Thanks to captivate for the different perspective. I still believe that CC's are great guitars and am confident that the company will get my guitar back to good as new.
i've never heard of a guitar manufacturer that didn't charge the guitar owner for shipping on a warranty repair. for that matter, the same is true of kitchen appliance makers, camera companies and power tools. it sucks, but cole clark is far from the only company that does it.

btw, cole clarks are awesome sounding guitars. and a thought here - if by chance your guitar is kept in too-humid conditions, the wood swelling can cause issues like the bridge coming partly unglued.
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It would be good for you to keep us informed on there after sales performance. Cheers
I hope the after-sale customer service from this company is favorable. I'll let you guys know how Cole Clark resolves the issue. They have been receptive and courteous thus far. By the way, I just bought a Taylor DN3, any thoughts on this guitar from anyone? I'm thinking I should have dropped a few more $$$ for something with the Expression system.