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Wow, thanks a lot guys. Really appreciate it. We're currently working on getting our music out there with the hopes of getting signed, so any help is greatly appreciated. Spread the word. Stay metal.

I can tell you guys are musically talented, and I think it sounds good for the type of style you guys are obviously striving for. My advice would be to maybe try and branch out of the type of stuff that is done all the time in that genre. If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be to drop the breakdowns. They're way wayyy over done and make the majority of people sigh in disappointment when they happen.

You guys obviously have the right idea and know what you're trying to do, I would even venture to say you're less boring than a lot of new death(core) bands I've heard recently. With that said - I would still strongly urge you guys to branch out of the standards of that genre. This type of music very strongly needs something different to be done, and who knows? Maybe you guys could do it.
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You guys are doing a mighty fine job, but like I've expressed often with this genre is the fact that once you've listened extensively for a few years, you've heard it all. I thought the work was impressive, certainly, but I think it falls too close to the masses.

A technique I think you guys should try is more doubletime action. Specifically in the slower, melodic, distorted parts. While they're often quite enjoyable, the reason that mainstream rock bands such as "Nickelback" and "Seether" do so well is because they try to throw that extra little "catch" in their music. While, sure, they DO suck in comparison to death metal bands, one of the greatest things that a death metal band can learn is how to curve their music to appeal without following the mainstream guidelines.

Throw some quick double bass patterns, swift tom fills, and weird signatures with the drums and your music will surely come alive.

To be a little more specific, the part @ 2:47, throw in the aforementioned after the vocals have ceased. It will keep the listener entertained beneath that lead guitar work (yes, it is beautiful but some killer quick beats under that would give any listener a heart attack).

Overall: 4.5 / 5 (Superb)
Production: 4.5 / 5 (Superb) - Stronger bass, louder & clearer drums.
Vocals: 3.5 / 5 (Great) - Could use variation, but sounded great.
Guitars: 3.5 / 5 (Great) - Beautiful at parts, but no help from drums when it isn't.
Bass: N/A - If it's there, great, I never cared to listen for bass.
Drums: 3 / 5 (Good) - Less breakdowns, more catchy beats & doubletime.
Atmosphere: 5 / 5 (Flawless) - Perfect atmosphere, 'nuff said.
Replayability: 4 / 5 (Excellent) - CD would hit my stereo once a month (I listen to hundreds so that's a lot)

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Thanks for the in depth review, DragTheWaters11!Really appreciating the constructive criticism. Keep it coming.

First of all - The only thing death metal about this is the vocals. Vox sounds raw (not in a mixing sense), which is what you'd expect to hear in something like death metal or grind, but the instrumental is far from death metal.

That being said, I liked it. Pretty cool feel to it. I don't think the vocals fit the music very well, they need to bring more intensity to match the instrumentation, but that can be worked on

Not sure what people are saying about the breakdowns though. If anything, it was quite nice to listen to a metal song that wasn't packed with them. The only real "breakdown" in the whole song isn't really a breakdown, it's just fast chugging matched by the kick drum. Hardly a breakdown by today's standards. If you're talking about the "bridge" at the end, that was the best part of the song IMO Could've used some vocals or some more instrumentation over it (synth/choir, lead guitar, etc.), but overall was pretty cool and has potential.
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That first groove sounds a lot like call of the black birds by amon amarth. Just throwing that out there.

Overall though, it sounds good. I can tell you guys put a ton of work into this, and it paid off.