This isn't my style of music, but I actually liked it. The guitar solo was awesome, I must say. Drums need to be louder in the mix, though! Maybe a little less echo on the vocals wouldn't hurt either. Nice work.
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
Happy New Year everyone !
And thank you, really appreciate your kind comments ! Sure, the drums will be louder in the next mix, my stereospeakers are fooling me big time when it comes to mixing the drums.
Thanks again !
Wow I'm impressed, you must have had tons of layers recorded to get your final mix. Can I ask what plug-in you use for the piano parts? Or is the piano real?

Also, When the vocals came in I was blown away, it was pretty amazing to say the least.

Right now I'm listening to Ode to May, and so far it sounds a bit like Muse, though I don't know much of them
Thank you very much, Austindicola !
Yes, quite a few layers, but not too many..it's done one a laptop from 2005, using Cubase Se-3..
The piano sound is a mix between DSK Grand Piano and Edirol Orchestra (Grand piano as well) The edirol takes care of the hights,the depth is from DSK. Blended,not separated.
Thanks for listening to Ode to May as well,I think that is the DSK only, not the Grand,though.