I have just recorded this a few days ago and looking for some advice....

main thing: keeping this from clipping so bad....ive lowered the levels to provide a little more headroom in the mix for when im ready for vocals, but everytime i export i end up losing something in the mix.

also guitars sound like poop to me...granted it probably is my shitty SG that I recorded with (and yes i know i have a guitar sitting far back in the mix, i plan to fix that, everything sound good until I exported.) What should I do for a better sound? I plan on re recording some guitar parts due to them not sitting well together.

im just at the frustration state and need new ears for advise
So come on...help a brutha out! if you need any other info regarding levels/plug ins
I used ask. I am away from the recording computer now but i can check if need be.

Double or Quad tracked? I think it's just the guitars need to be a little louder, lower the bass/drums a little if it clips. The tone is better than most things people record at home, so don't worry about that :P

On a musical note I really like your style, it's nice and thrashy, playing is clean and tight, really well done!
guitars were rythym (75% left/right) and a lead that was centered, so three guitar tracks total. bass and kick will be the first thing adjust regarding the peaking issue...and thanks for the compliment lol
Maybe try adding more mids to the guitar tone. everyone who records metal takes the shit our of the mids and just leaves themselves with an 'underwater' sounding guitar. the mids are your guitars voice, let it scream. see how that works for you
Maybe a tad more Treble, just mess with the EQ till you get something nice, THEN mix the volumes, then go back and tweak the EQ, so on so forth till you've got something right for you
Also raise that far away guitar too, that would add so much more definition to your tone.
yea im not sure what happened to that guitar it was perfect until it was exported...not sure what happened
I don't know why but I've experienced tracks sounding great in the DAW but crap when exported, even at 'pristine' quality, but try exporting as FLAC or 'lossless' WAV or something, not MP3