I am using a Behringer mixer to record drums with. I am just plugging the mixer into my laptops soundcard and recording onto Music Creator 5 program. The problem is, I dont know how to separate each Mic and assign it to different tracks so that mixing would be a lot easier. Right now all the mics are going onto one track, making it difficult to balance everything out. How do i solve this? would a Interface fix this issue..say the Behringer UCA-222??
You can't.

The mixer (I assume) sends one stereo out and a few mono outs. You need a proper interface, with dedicated inputs to be able to individually mix each track, otherwise you're going to have to "mix" everything live with the mixer you have and just deal with the final result.

Even with the UCA, you're only going to get 2 channels (Left and Right) coming out of your mixer. That means, if you have more than 2 microphones, you'll have to have more than one going to each output, which really doesn't help you much more than what you're already doing.
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