Hi, I currently am about finished writing my songs with my band, and we've been practicing for shows, and i currently own a Spider III 75 amp. and we play metal (my drummers into thrash, and im into death,progressive,and neoclassical metal if that helps for amp decision) my issue and questions are this.

At band practice my amp is barely heard cause of the drums being loud, ( i am a foot away from them, and yes im wearing earplugs) and when we do shows is that sound going to be just as bad? or am i going to be plugged into the system there? and if i am, will i sound horrible.

and im going to be going up to C.A. house next month to get a tube amp.
and i honestly don't know which would be best for me.
some people tell me a B-52 is good, some tell me to go and get a Vetta II instead.

all i want is an amp with awesome crunch and a deep sound to it, looking at the vetta II i thought it would be nice since i already have a FBV shortboard. but i want the best sound i possible can get. and i tried an orange amp.... and holy crap they rule, but id have to owe the devil my first born son to get it!

thanks for reading and Thanks a ton if you give any insight at all
Spider isnt good.

If you ever have to ask about an amp, the answer will always be 6505+ or JCM800
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a foot away from the drums you'll obviously just hear the drums. You have to make sure you're within the spread angle of the speaker in your amp, far enough from the drums, and close enough to the amp.
Conclusion, get further from the drums, closer to the amp, and get a stand or something to lean your amp towards so you're within the spread angle.
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See this thread:
for what info you need to post so we can help you out the best we can.

The Vetta is a cool amp for what it is but I don't know it's the best for you. B-52 are mediocre in my honest opinion but much better than the Spider 3.
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thanks man! greatly appreciated!

Budget is 300-500

Style played most is Metal(mainly the faceless style akeldama, not planetary duality)

Used is perfectly fine


Pittsburgh area/southwest PA

Current gear is Spider 3, Ibanez RG 5EX1 infinity pickups, ernieball 12-56
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B52 sucks balls for metal.

But take the advise and post the info. Mainly what is your budget.

Dont sell your child to Satan, but that gives me a hint to not exceed $500-$600.

In that budget I would give you this list for good metal amp.

Used Peavey 5150
Ampeg VH-140C
Bugera 6262
Line 6 HD's

I wouldnt even waste my money on anything else to be honest. The Vettas will produce completely SICK tones. Not the best to record with However.

IMO save some more money. If you can get into the $1,000 range you will have a much wider and much much better variety of amps to choose from
I use this amazing place to recording studio(J K Musicians workshop, Jim Dofka... THE MAN!)
His quality is amazing and i reccomend it his band Dofka is the perfect example of the quaity it produces,

so recording will not be on option for using the amps and that Vetta II has been looking pretty nice, but i'd want to hear more seasoned players opinions
You may be able to pick up a Peavey XXX off ebay or cl in that price range.
Also the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 is $450.
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i think im gonna just save up, im starting a new job soon so hopefully i can get enough from that, and Vetta II HD is looking mighty pretty once i start looking in higher price ranges, i was also told if i dish out the cash an orange amp is good, but as of now you guys have given me more results than ive gotten asking other people