Just bought a used Mark IV combo for $1299 and having it shipped to me for the low price of $18. Lost an auction on ebay on an early model (1991) one on ebay this morning. Fell asleep before it ended and missed out, it went for $1115....probably one of you guys, hehehehe! Was leading bidder before finally passing out early this morning. Oh well, a few hundred more and this one is one of the later yrs they made them, so I'm good with that. I'm glad I did not get the orange TH30 thunder...I'm sure they are great but only one knob tone adjustment Is kind of a scary for something that goes for over a grand. Mark IVs I'm sure will take a ton of dialing in to get great sounds but with the wealth of settings on youtube and the boogie forums I'm not gonna let it intimidate me, I've got the time.
Please post a new thread when you actually get the amp. Anticipation threads are not allowed.
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