Okay, I recently have started to kind of upgrade my black 2006 Jackson RR3. I sent in my bolt-on neck to DC Custom Guitars to get the YGM style full fretboard scallop, and also ordered a few other parts online.(Locking tuners, Metal pickup rings to replace cracked plastic one, and new locking nut) None of this is relevant to my question but I enjoy reading what other people are doing to their guitars, maybe someone will read this. My guitar has the JT580LP Licensed Floyd Rose trem, and I was hoping to replace it with an Original Floyd. I'm not sure if it'd require any other cutting/drilling into the body, because that is not something I would be interested in doing to this guitar. I'm hoping it will just be a drop-in procedure and am not sure what is worth replacing. The spring retainer for instance, is that something that with OFR parts would even be substantially different from the LFR parts?

I guess what I'm asking is has anybody ever replaced the LFR with an OFR in a Jackson RR3 and if so is it easy enough?
the floyd rose on the rr3 is fine, its the headstock you need a Luther to help you with, i met this dude who has several rr guitars and he told me a luther places a bar on his head stock over the RR logo to hold the strings down, and the action on his guitar was better then any RR5 or even RR1 aside the fact the rr1s have one piece body and the bolt on necks of the rr3 do have a bump behind the guitar when your playing above higher then the 15th fret

nothing else needs to be replaced after you do this, the action will be so low its impossible to make any guitar play better., especially with any floyd