This is something I've had sitting on the Hard-Drive for a little while.

My band wrote this a month or so back.

What do you guys think.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.

C4C aswell guys. (Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours)
Lucid Speculation Final Draft.gp5
Not sure if it was intentional, but looking at your username it might be...

Bar 54 sounds like it's straight out of Master Of Puppets.

The only not repetitive and not boring section of the song is the solo, because it feels like it actually might go somewhere. But what's there to expect with thrash...
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
Well lets see..
Intro is fine as it is, introduce to the actual song. I think main riff's lead parts are quite useless.. First verse is ok. Chorus, basic trash riff. Thumbs up coz of down picking! Main riff - Again, the lead guitar is quite harrasing.


Build up - Well starts quite slowly, maybe even too slowly. Solo is fine as it's backing tracks. Ending was kinda boring.

There are two things that didn't please me.
1.Lead part on main riff. It's really boring and harrasing.
2.Ending came really too sudden.

I Give 3/5, if you want to go give crit on my any song I've posted here, I'm pleased.