Just something that has been bugging me, so I wonder if anyone can give me an answer? I was just wondering if there is a correlation between singing and whistling. I've never tried really singing (I've joked around, but that's it), but today, when I was just messing around and whistling some melodies of songs to myself, I noticed I was doing pretty damn good (hitting the correct pitches, getting pitch bends, etc.). So I was just wondering what the transition would be like between singing and whistling? I realize they are different, but I was wondering if people who are good at singing tend to be good at whistling, and vice versa. Maybe I should give singing a try...
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I can sing but I can't whistle for shit...so maybe?

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I can whistle a song in the correct key just from memory fine and dandy but i can't sing for shit. It's not that its out of tune , more just my voice souding crap.
Whistling involves shape of your lips and little else, whereas singing involves mostly your vocal chords and breathing so I'm afraid I'd guess there is little overlap.
it means that you have a sense of relative pitch.
But that doesn't mean that you can sing the notes you whistle, because you haven't developed your vocal skills yet.
I can't whistle for shit. Literally. I can't whistle, it just comes out as a blowing sound.
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No, not at all...... lol i can't even whistle one note but can sing really well

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I am the greatest whistler in the world but I am the worst singer ever.

Why don't you just sing and find out for yourself?

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