Sleeping through the flood,
you were alive and i was well
didn't take long for a the dry spell to fall
upon us but I didn't notice at all.
steam breath strangled beneath streetlights found a death
bed hidden in dim nights and night sweats
that never end, I missed your suburban end
but I only miss you now
in a parked car on neighborhood street--
empty, it doesn't deserve to look at me like that,
stupid car I'll sink it underwater
to cough up your oil like taunts in
dreaded fingertips, haunting the corners of
sealed shut eyelids, but it won't trick anybody anymore
stupid car, it's blood rises in hydrogen airships
to cough out imitations
of lunatic mannerisms and lunar seas
each time your mother
takes it out to town with your name
and dreamings I thought I could
choke out, hiding from
what i used to hide within but
why couldnt i
talk better in the day time,
sleep better awake
all this saved up sleep and now
all these missed days.

Down the hillsides your family's new car dripped land lines,
unknowing, to a memorial for your old closest friends
and i haven't been to sleep since, but I've been out of dreams
and aspirations after a summer spent cradling birth signs
and myths in moon roofs, unfearing,
but it isn't easy to know how long it takes
for the truth to settle in
that I hadn't really been awake until that day
when familiar creek dunes drew me down
to wet socks freezing like island ice,
cold enough to finally wake me up to
frost nights mothers fear
for beds in backyards, garden
sown flowers
that never mended
deer tracks and beaten bark we never mentioned.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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