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I'm dropping into the US for a visit in a few weeks (I live in India, so don't ask). I was considering upgrading my GRG170DX to an RG370DX or something similar, but I figured I might as well spend the cash putting some Dimarzios in the GRG. Is there a significant enough difference between the 170 and 370? Please respond.
Just curious, what is your budget? you maybe able to get an even better guitar used.

What city are you visiting? Craigs list can get you some un-real deals on things right now.
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Pups. Or get an entirely different axe.

Edit: They're pretty much the same guitar with different pickups. Not much of a difference in sound even if you didn't change the pickups.
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I went from an entry level ibby like that to a 370dx. In fact my first month playing, and it was so much better. I probably would have quit with that starter kit guitar. 5 years later I got a 1570, also best move ever. Still have the 370 and play it often for alt tuning, edge 3 still keeps perfect tune.
Generally, the GRG models are made with inferior materials to regular RGs, which means they won't take pickup swaps as nicely.
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