A lot of treble on my eardrums, but I'm sensitive to that. It was getting slightly repetitive with the nice intro, then BLAMMO, some wild/cool dubstep stuff! Wouldn't mind hearing some further melodies, though, I guess dubstep's not known for tons of melodies. I like it overall. The dubstep stuff/Skrillex? type stuff is my favorite part, though I think it'd get old if you did too much of it. Please review my music at this link:

The sounds are cool. I wasn't a big fan of the snare sound, it lacks power imo. Especially from the 1:10 part, a snare with more punch would sounds much better i think.
And for the second part of the song, (1:35 til the end) it sounds a bit repetitive. Maybe more variations/breaks ? something like White Satin from Zed's Dead maybe.

But overall it still sounds good. My favorite part was the 1:10-1:35 part.

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