i recently bought a used (but in perfect condition) Fender 72 RI Thinline off Craigslist and the guy included a hard case.

the case he gave me is an SKB Freedom Strat/Tele case. When i got the guitar home, i opened the case and it smelled terrible. There was dog hair in it and my girlfriend said she saw a puppy running around the house, so i'm assuming the little butthole peed in it or something. I couldn't smell it in his house because i couldn't have smelled anything over the smell of marijuana. (i'm not sure why someone would smoke right before someone they didn't know was coming to their house. but whatever.)

i've managed to get about 90% of the smell out of it after hours of cleaning/febreezing.
otherwise, the case is in pretty good shape, other than the top being a little warped. the smell isn't the main reason i would like to get a different case, i mainly just don't really like rectangular cases and it is a little ugly. (not that any case i get won't be a little beat up after a few shows.)

i'm more of a fan of traditional shaped cases and would like to find something like that. i'd also like it to hold my guitar perfectly still, with no slack or movement whatsoever. the case i have now will work for a while, but i see these things used on ebay for no more than 65 bucks and figure it wouldn't hurt to get a better case at any rate.

here's a cheapo case i saw on rondo. not looking at this case in particular, but i love the way it looks with burgundy and gold latches.

are there any cases that come to mind that fall into these specs?
obviously i put durability/reliability above aesthetics, but i would prefer a case that wasn't square. (unless it's molded specifically for a tele or holds the guitar perfectly in place.)
Quote by TonyRandall
...i'm not sure why someone would smoke right before someone they didn't know was coming to their house. but whatever...

Because potheads don't have the best judgement. You probably got a great deal and the guy has probably smoked the cash away already.

Anyway, the closest I know that won't be rectangular would be the cases that Strats and Teles came in until they replaced them with the SKB cases a couple of years ago. But they're black plastic with aluminum trim. And the SKB cases are a lot nicer (I have 1 each).

Don't know of anything in the material you're looking for to fit a Fender. Good luck.
I have couple of those SKB cases for my Fender guitars and basses.

I can vouch on their protection level.
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Quote by jetwash69
You probably got a great deal and the guy has probably smoked the cash away already.

i got the guitar for 500 bucks. not a single scratch on it. judging by the neatness of the string windings, i'd say that they're the original factory strings as well. i've certainly never wound a string as neat as the ones on it now, but then again i don't have a string winder. it even still had plastic around the screws in the pickguard. seems to me that if someone played the guitar extensively, they would have been annoyed by that and taken it out.

thanks for the advice as well. since posting this, i have read that tele's can fit into an SG case nicely. true? if so, this should work. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gator-GW-SGS-Solid-Guitar-Style-Traditional-Wood-Case-104397740-i1167667.gc
not fond of the brown, but it'll probably get covered in stickers like my acoustic case anyways..

i own a gator gigbag that's pretty good quality. how are their cases?
I've got just one of the rectangular shaped Stagg cases for my Tele. It does the job just fine.
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A buddie of mine back in the early 80's had a 72 Tele custom.. When he bought his new, he had the choice of getting either a tweed case, or a black one... he chose Tweed...

I found these at Musician's Friend..


That's similar to the black one (w/white trim) I got for my Mustang. It's the only case I could find that would fit it. Ironically even with the short scale, the neck comes out a couple of inches farther than a strat/tele and the upper horn does too, so it won't even fit in a universal case.

Back on topic, I didn't know you could stick a tele in an SG case. Cool!

Gator cases have a good reputation. I wouldn't trust a gig bag for anything, though--almost no protection. My Fender/SKB case cost almost as much as the original price of the Squier that I use it for. But then again so did the luthier work geting the setup straightened out on that Squier. And so did the custom pick guard/knobs. And so did the pups and switches/pots/jack. And so did the locking tuners/graphite string tee. It's still got less $ in it than a MIM.