I've been doing a lot of pure technique practicing, and some speed gaining methods, focused on improving my lead playing, and been using metronome a lot. But my friend told me that I must work on rhythm guitar more (because I mostly work on solos), and he told me to learn as much as posible songs, but only rhythm parts first, and then , when I get into rhythm playing to continue with lead playing. What do you thing? I play mostly metal

You'll never be a decent soloist if you don't properly understand and appreciate what you're playing over.

Besides, what do you think "lead" guitarists do when they're not soloing? They don't just sit there scratching their balls for the other 80% of the song.

You need to stop making a distinction between "lead guitar" and rhythm guitar" as there's not really any such thing in terms of roles. Sure, a song will have rhythm parts and lead parts , but as far as playing those parts is concerned you're simply "a guitarist".
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Chords and Theory will help you immensely when playing lead, composing and soloing.
It is not needed, but it is good advise and it will help you immensely.

I personally dont like learning other peoples songs, but if it inspires you go ahead!
if you want to kill 2 birds with one stone.. compose some chord progressions (which would be working on your rythm playing) and then solo over them

A solo only sounds so awesome because of the harmony that is going down in the background, to be able to create amazing solos you have to know what to put "behind" them
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learn every aspect of a song, learning can only ever help you in all aspects of music
if you want to be a good metal guitarist its pretty much required you know how to play rhythm guitar, sure you can be the dude who takes the solos but theres gonna be a whole lot of time of not doing that...what do you think you're gonna do?
Without being able to play rhythm strongly, You are increasing the difficulty of soloing in time to pieces.
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For a solo to be good it has to be in rhythm.

Also, in a band situation you will be playing rhythm 80% of the time.

By not learning to play rhythm you would be making your self a whole lot less hire able.