Poll: Acoustic or electric, which do you play more?
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I play acoustic more
80 30%
I play electric more
168 63%
Unfunny joke option.
19 7%
Voters: 267.
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Providing you have an acoustic and an electric, which do you play more? I used to always be playing electric but for the last few months its about 80% acoustic guitar playing for me, not that sure why, maybe becoming lazier. What do you do, and why?

I can't put this in electric guitar or acoustic guitar either because it would be impossible.
Electric. By FAR.
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Electric, more acoustic though for bass because I play stand-up bass at school. I seldom touch my steel string acoustic as it is, my nylon string is 10x better.
Electric by far. That being said, I do like writing acoustically. It's almost two different instruments for me, as far as application. Acoustic stuff I write has a completely different vibe.
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Electric. By FAR.


Can't be throwing down lower neck riffage on an acoustic.

Or upper neck for that matter.
i only play acoustically.

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Electric. I think. Marginal at best. Especially when my archtop does both.
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electric. mainly for the better playability. and i like things loud so.. i love jamming some chords on the acoustic to but to me electric just has much more possibilities
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Lately it's more acoustic. I'm learning piano now, so most of my practice is for the piano. I don't have a guitar stand or anything, so I put all my guitars above my bed (I sleep on a bunk bed). It's easier to take the acoustic, especially since the wires for my electric is kind of messy because of a distortion pedal.
Acoustic. I rarely turn the amp on these days, just out of laziness.
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Definitely electric. I hardly play acoustic. I would play more if I had a better acoustic guitar.
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Well given that bass is my main/first instrument I play that more.

My acoustic gets played more than my electric, because electric just feels too light to me, and I usually can't be bothered plugging in, acoustic can just be picked up and played.
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I spent 4-5 years playing bass almost exclusively with a tiny bit of acoustic, having never played electric. It just feels a bit too... effortless? Not in a 'difficulty' sense, just in regards to the amount of physical pressure required to achieve a decent note etc. It's just because of what I'm used to.
My acoustic really keeps my fingers in good shape for playing and I don't have to plug it in cos I'm lazy, lol!
Ehh, it changes. Sometimes the acoustic is just closer, I'm in the mood for the sound of an acoustic, I don't feel like dealing with knobs/cables. But maybe I'm trying to figure out what kinda tone I wanna use for a song, or I realize that my electric guitar was build by God and I want to play it. Usually that last one.
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Electric ftw! I still love my battered up acoustic though.
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At the student dorm I live, I have a keyboard and an electric, so it's quite obvious which of these guitars I pick up, though I do enjoy playing on an accoustic when I'm home, since my brother has a good one.

I play mostly the keyboard here though, it's way easier to set up, just start Reaper and begin playing.
i chose unfunny joke option because i play them both an equal amount of time. I only have two guitars, my takamine and my stratocaster. I wouldnt say iv played either more.
I only use my electric at band practice and gigs. I use my acoustic everyday. I use it to practice, play in my folk group, and go busking

so like 80% acoustic, 20% electric
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acoustic. Only because I've been painting my Electric.

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I don't remember the last time I properly played my electric. At least 5 months ago. I've picked it up and figured out a cool part of a riff or something a couple of times, but I mostly just like to kick back and strum acoustically.
I don't have an acoustic guitar, so I play my electric guitars all the time. But I usually play without plugging them in soooo... Idk.
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