Alright, so I had a huge thread about deciding a preamp (decided I'm getting the ENGL E570) and obviously I need a power amp for it to work. The one I've had my sights on from the beginning was the 2:100, mainly because I heard about how it is literally the power amp for the dual rectifier and gives the rack a massive crushing tone which the 2:90 can't even compare to.

However, I want to know if anyone can tell me if this amp is any versatile? I've read that the 2:90 has the 2:100 beat in versatility, but I also heard the 2:90 sounds a bit sterile. The reason I chose the ENGL E570 preamp is because I heard its crushing tone, and it is pretty versatile (not as versatile as the triaxis though or any other full midi amp), but I don't want to nullify that versatile tone by getting a power amp that will only sound good doing specific tones.

Also are there any alternatives to the 2:90 and 2:100 which could give a crushing tone but still be any versatile, or can the 2:100 fill both of these jobs?

Don't worry about budget I'm not getting them right now, these are just things I'm going to work towards getting (saving up and such)
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