hi.im new here

wanna ask something : i had the basics like chord,guitar parts,little bit of scales(major,pentatonic,blues) and 1 years of playing.im thinking of learning lead guitar.i know one is more suitable to learn lead guitar then the other one,but which is better :-

Kristofer Dahl's "Speed,Tone and Theory" or Bob Marhalan's "Pentatonic Power"

I want to be a guitarist that can solo well and also play chords
Which is better you think?,,
Im from Malaysia,so the 4 $ difference is 12 RM for me.
Best ways to improve are to; play your favourite songs, expand your musical tastes, write your own music and just have fun.

You don't really need to spend money on an instructional dvd/book when the internet has everything you'll need for free. Although the information isn't laid out in a pretty format with a shady dude wearing sunglasses playing an outrageous guitar.
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Hi I see that you want to play on guitar. This is the most important. Go to you dream and start to learn.