i was wondering if anyone has heard of the guitar brand swing. im considering buying an electric from them but im not sure if they are a good brand (which i know is kinda subjective) and if their guitars are durable. all i know is that they are a korean brand
link is over here http://www.swingguitars.com/English/english_main.html
any comments/ opinions are welcome. thanks
i haven't heard of them before but from my experience with korean made guitars they are pretty good quality.
Checking out that link makes me realize that my students could make that same website as a school project...

I'm in Corea, and I have a Swing acoustic (SM120). For the equivalent of the $130 that I paid, it's passable. The neck's flawed and frets out on the 9th fret on high e (아이고, but I bought it as a quick fix for my stay overseas. The other Swings I've played (all acoustic) have been nothing special. Based on that, I wouldn't trust them without playing them.

Durable? Honestly, the only problem I've encountered was the finish flaking on the headstock, particularly over the stylized S. The neck problem was something I stupidly overlooked and isn't necessarily a durability problem. Again, this is on an acoustic model.

Again, I'd strongly suggest a meticulous in-person inspection before throwing down your money.
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