I was looking for a guitar to start learning how to play, and i got this Blueridge for free from a lady who had lost her husband some years back and couldnt stand the memories it brought her by having the guitar in the house. He playd it alot, and was a fairly wealthy man, and ive read abit around about blueridges. Either, they are meeh, or they are good. Can anyone identify this guitar for me? Thanks in advance.

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Its an early one. Probably 80s or 90s. Have you looked under the top for any type of tag or markings? (take a mirror and look, a dentist's mirror works great for this)

I'm wondering if its even the same "Blueridge" company as is around right now.

Also get them stickers off it, some naptha (lighter fluid) should work to remove the goo.

If its the same BR and they built em the same as mine (another early one, but new style) you've most likely got actual Braz. Rosewood on that thing.

Other than that I couldn't give you the slightest clue.
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stick your iPhone inside & have a look around see if you can see any markings. or your webcam you may need a torch but you can get really good results. If you cant see in there take a movie & have a look
Oh if you find anything post it ... someone will know.. where's patticake think she is a bit of a blueridge boffin.

EDIT : Try this site : http://theunofficialblueridgeguitarforum18213.yuku.com/forums/63/Blueridge-Guitars

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