i want to buy a new guitar.. i got Yamaha Pacifica PAC102 that i got few years ago.. i play in a band and i think i need to get a normal guitar :P..
so i thought about buying a PRS but my limit is like 2300$ Max
i found a Gibson Studio Faded in 700$ and couple of deals like that..
so what do you say? what should i buy?
I've said it many times and I'll say it again, Carvin make great guitars. Mine was about €1600 and so far, it holds up really well even when compared to PRS guitars. The greatest thing is they're all custom guitars, so you get exactly what you want - no BS, just quality.
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what genres of music do you play? what amp do you have? are you sure that you rally need to spend $2300 or even want to (i nearly bought myself a prs and then i found out that i was ****ing with myself and i shouldnt spend so much money, i got a les paul and an amp instead).
2nd hand PRS CE24 for about $1000-1200 then spend the rest on a nice amp suited to your needs.

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What kind of music does your band play? BTW I think most people would consider the Pacifica a normal guitar but it all boils down to the sound you're wanting to achieve which is a large part of your playing ability. PRS is very nice but pricey. Again, what kind of music are you playing and perhaps we can help you a little more? With a $2,300 limit there would be quite a bit to choose from unless you're going for a custom or signature series axe.

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You have to give us a genre or at least a tone that you like.
Pacificas are awesome btw.
You could buy a prs se custom semi hollow and an ac30 and a vintage fuzz pedal for that much.